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Who Opened Open Source?}

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Who opened Open Source?


Will Kaynes

In a general sense open source means something is

free to use by anyone regardless of whether it is

a physical product or something downloadable. As

a philosophy, open source” is a set of

principles and practices that promote access to

the production and design process for various

goods or products.

The expression itself originated from the fact

that software is free and has an open source code.

This kind of software has become available to

the general public with relaxed or non-existent

intellectual property restrictions, which has

allowed the creation of user-generated software

content through incremental individual efforts.

In some ways the open source philosophy and

approach is similar to brainstorming, when the

best variation can be chosen from many. As a

source it is open to anyone. Anyone can modify it

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over and over again and eventually the best

possibility is discovered, and then improved

again and again.

In our case the open source e-Commerce engines

were produced by a group of people who call

themselves Chain Reaction E-commerce” and called

it CRE Loaded. (Of course there are many more

engines but this article is about only one of

them.) After letting the genie out of the bottle

CRE Loaded engines has been modified hundreds of

times by thousands of designers who have made

tens of thousands CRE Loaded templates out of a

single source.

Of course in some way this soft kind of an abuse

is not always good as the results are sometimes

unprofessional and may spoil the original

advantages. In this case it is reasonable to work

with the so-called publically licensed”

companies that customize and modify the original

variant. This public license” means that this

company’s products are well recognized by

audience, they have positive feedbacks at target

forums and resources and the company in general

is customer-oriented. Those things lead to

successful branding and successful branding

obliges businesses to have decent products.

The open source theoretically means several

development principles (according to the Bazaar


Users should be treated as co-developers (The

users are treated like co-developers and so they

should have access to the source code of the


Early Releases (The first version of the

software should be released as early as possible

so as to increase one’s chances of finding co-

developers early).

Frequent Integration (New code should be

integrated as often as possible so as to avoid

the overhead of fixing a large number of bugs at

the end of the project life cycle).

Several Versions (There should be at least two

versions of the software. There should be a

buggier version with more features and a more

stable version with fewer features. The users can

then act as co-developers, reporting bugs and

providing bug fixes).

High Modularization (The general structure of

the software should be modular allowing for

parallel development).

Of course not all of those patterns are used

while developing most of the software products

but while designing CRE Loaded shopping cart most

of those were enabled. Perhaps that is why

CRELoaded technology as a whole and CRELoaded

templates are so popular on the Internet today.

Will Kaynes is a CEO of a Brooklyn-based A resource with lots of CRE Loaded Templates for more than 20 different business categories which provides you with any solution necessary for your e-Success.

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Gps Basic Information}

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GPS Basic Information


GPS or Global Positioning System is a fully functional Global Navigation Satellite System. This system uses an artificial constellation of 24 medium Earth orbit satellites. These satellites transmit microwave signals, thus enabling a GPS receiver to determine its location, speed, direction and time. This system was developed by United States Department of Defense and was named as NAVSTAR GPS which was given by Mr. John Walsh.

This satellite constellation is managed by United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. The cost is approximately 750 US dollars every year, including the maintenance cost, replacement, research and development. After shoot down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 in the year 1983, a directive was issued which made the GPS available for civilian use and has been used extensively since then. It has become a very useful tool for making maps, surveying landscapes, commerce and many scientific uses. It also provides time reference which can be used in many applications which include study of earthquake and telecommunication network synchronization.

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A GPS receiver simply calculates the distance between itself and three more GPS satellite. Each satellite has an atomic clock in it continually transmits certain data containing its exact time, location of the transmitting satellite and the almanac. The receiver then measures the reception time of the signal. Thus the distance to each satellite is known. Knowing three such distances, a trilateration is formed. By using a fourth satellite, need for a clock at receiver is avoided.

The Global Positioning System is used in a variety of Military and Civilian Applications. It allows soldiers find their objectives in a dark or completely unfamiliar territory and coordinate troop movement and supplies. GPS receivers which military personnel use are called Commanders and Soldier Digital Assistants. A combination of GPS and communication through radio enables real time vehicle tracking.

It is also used in marking targets as hostile and enables the precision guided munitions to allow them engage these targets with high accuracy. Air to Ground roles of military aircrafts use GPS to find targets. GPS also allows targeting for military weapons like ICBMs, Cruise missiles, precision guided missile. Artillery based projectiles are embedded with GPS receivers and can withstand forces up to 12,000G. These are used for 155 mm Howitzers. Any Downed pilot can be easily located if he has GPS receiver. It is widely used by military for reconnaissance and mapping. Some GPS satellites also have nuclear detonation detectors.

GPS helps civilians a lot in surveying and navigation. Its ability to calculate local speed and orientation is extremely useful. Time transfer is possible because of its capability to synchronize clock. A widely used example of use of GPS is CDMA digital cell phone. Each base uses a GPS timing receiver to synchronize the codes with different base stations and thus making it easy inter-cellular hand off and thus support emergency phone calls and other many applications. GPS equipment has also revolutionized tectonics by measuring the fault motion during earthquakes.

The two GPS developers, Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson have received national academy of Engineering Charles Stark Draper prize during year 2003. Roger L Easton received National Medal for technology on February 13, 2006. Other similar tracking systems are Beidou, which has been developed by China and is proposed to be expanded into COMPASS; Galilieo, which is been developed by European Union along with many other countries like India and China; GLONASS, which is been developed by Russia is fully available in partnership with India; IRNSS is India’s proposed regional system and QZSS which has been proposed by Japan.

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