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Taking Life A Little Less Seriously}

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Taking Life a Little Less Seriously


Sometimes life gets just a little crazy. And that’s the time when you need to take a step back and take things less seriously.

Play a little. Take a day where you don’t have such high expectations of yourself. Be spontaneous. Go play in the park, hike to a quiet place, watch a sunset or just do your own thing.

What’s causing the stress? Is it seasonal or is it a long term issue? What, if anything can you do about it? Maybe you need a little more help with the problem. Maybe you can take a break and come back to it refreshed.

But cutting back on stress doesn’t have to mean taking a lot of time out of your day. Just a few small changes can help. Silliness is optional.

Slow down when you walk. There is rarely a need to rush everywhere. Walk at a more moderate pace and enjoy everything around you.

Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and similar activities are a great way of coping with stress. These are ways of getting your mind away from the stress and relaxing your entire body.

Keep something beautiful around you. Flowers or a beautiful picture can give you something pleasant to focus on even when stress is building up. That tiny bit of relaxation can really help.

Some problems in life require a focus on coping with the problem. Money trouble, for example, is going to be stressful and you can’t just ignore it. You need to work hard at solving money problems, since they don’t just go away with time. Talk with someone you trust… not asking for a loan or anything, but just so someone is listening to your problems.

Stress in the workplace is very common, especially if you don’t like your job or have a difficult boss or coworker. The steps you take depend on the exact problem.

If you hate the job you may need to work harder on the job search. This is never easy and adds a stress of its own, but may solve the problem in the long run. A job where you can smile and enjoy your work is very much so worth the effort.

Trouble with a coworker or boss at an otherwise good job may be best handled by first discussing the problem with the person involved to see if it can be solved that way. If not, going through your boss or even to the company’s Personnel Department may be your best option.

Sometimes life is full of stress. Finding ways to relieve the stress even for a little while can help you focus on solving the problem rather than suffering. And if you have a little fun at it, it’s even more of a break.

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What Is A Cash Flow Note?

January 12th, 2017 | No Comments »
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By Russell Dalbey

Many who consider becoming involved in the cash flow industry as private note finders have no concrete understanding of what a note is. Some simple education on the matter however, can help new note finders get started on the path to success in the note business.

When professionals in the cash flow business refer to a note they are not talking about love notes, music notes, or a note to self. In the language of the private cash flow business the word note is shorthand for promissory note. While it is easy to get tripped up in the various types of notes, this term refers to an official IOU; the right to collect payments based on terms outlined in the promissory note itself. In most cases a note is secured, meaning the borrower stands to lose something if they fail to make payments in accordance to the terms of the note. The security can be any form of property including cars, boats, planes, or real estate. While some venture into niche markets, the type of note most finders work with is the real estate note because they are well secured and its easy to find note holders and buyers.

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A real estate note, commonly called a mortgage, trust deed or land contract, is simply a note that is secured by a home, vacant land, or other type of real estate property. These notes are very attractive for buyers and finders for numerous reasons, with one of the most prominent ones being the sheer volume created on a daily basis. Additionally, in most circumstances, real estate notes are more secure because real property tends to appreciate in value and is fixed in location, whereas many other types of property (like cars) tend to depreciate and can be easily moved. Buyers want to get the most bang for their buck which is why many of them choose to work with real estate notes. They know that should a borrower fail to make payments it would be more realistic for them to recuperate their invested funds by foreclosing on a single family home than on farm equipment. It’s also much more difficult for a borrower to hide a house than a tractor. Smart note finders know to look for what the buyers want and real estate notes are often it.

Regardless of the specific area within the private cash flow business new note finders choose to explore, they must understand that many of the people who own notes and collect payments aren’t aware of what exactly it is they have or their right to sell those payments. The well informed note finder will be able to clearly address all of those questions and match that seller with an interested buyer for the incoming payments on their promissory note. Once a new note finder has the basic understanding of what a note is it is time to start developing the additional skills needed to start and maintain a successful note referral business. First up is learning how to use all of this new information to locate note holders and refer them to buyers interested in purchasing their monthly payments.

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