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Safety Measures While Operating Forklift}

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Safety measures while operating forklift


Mark Borthwick

In this competitive world, the importance of perfection is increased big time! The building and construction industry is constantly evolving. There are a lot of companies that send the handling materials like access platforms and forklifts in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and other areas of the U.K. There are many companies that sell Moffett Mounty and Cherry picker in Glasgow.

A forklift is a vehicle which is used to carry or lift the materials for moving them. It can be powered pallet or reach truck. They run either on electricity or combustion engines. Out of several companies that sell them, it is essential to choose the best company that sells the quality products. Also, you need to consider a lot of points while selecting the type of forklift. You need to choose the one that suits all your needs and requirements.

Your job doesn’t come to an end once you have bought it. The actual task begins now. You need to take a lot of care while operating it. One of the most important things that the staff members in the construction industry have to take care is operating the machines safely. There are a lot of points you need to take care about while operating a forklift. Out of those several points, let us have a look at some of the most important and useful safety measures and tips.

1.Check the entire equipment before you start driving them. You need to check the brakes, tyres and other controls before you start it so that there is no risk of accident. It is not advisable to use it even if a single part of it is not in the working condition.

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2.Wear proper clothing suitable for the working environment. Wear all the personal protective equipments like a tough cap, hi visibility jackets and safety shoes so that there is no injury even if the accident occurs.

3.Before you start the vehicle, make sure you are properly seated on your driver sit and all the parts of your body are properly confined into the forklift cabin. Adjust the mirror and fasten the seatbelts. Also, it is advisable to check that all the parts controls are in your reach.

4.Know all the rules and regulations before you start your truck. You must know all the details like maximum weight of load allowed, the designated roadway and maximum permitted height, to name a few.

5.One of the most important tips is to never to cross the speed limit. It is advisable to drive the truck at slow speed; especially at the turnings to minimise the risk of tipping.

6.Keep distance from the other trucks so that you have got enough space to stop and park safely in the designated area. Lower down the forks, apply the park brakes, turn the forklift off and remove the key.

I hope that the above mentioned points help you to take care of yourself as well as machines while working. Good luck with that!

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Tips To Enhance Safety In A Warehouse That Utilizes A Pallet Racking System}

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Submitted by: Charlie O’Brien

Finding ways to enhance safety for employees is always a smart business decision, but particularly for companies in the material handling industry, where injuries can be very serious. For warehouses that utilize pallet racking, there are measures that can be taken to help improve safety aspects for employees that work around the storage system and better maintain an overall safer work environment.

Always Follow Racking System Load Capacity Guidelines

The load capacity for each bay on your pallet rack system should always be easily visible on the system so that you can ensure you dont exceed the weight guidelines. By storing more in a storage bay than the pallet racking system is designed to handle, you seriously compromise the structural integrity of the overall system, which could put employees who work around the system at risk of injury, cause severe damage to the system, and lead to harm for the goods being stored. Always make sure that you are well aware of the load capacity guidelines and use extreme caution when loading pallets to be store on the system, making sure that you dont inadvertently place too much weight in a storage bay.

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Routinely Inspect Your Storage System

Taking the time to have your pallet rack system inspected on a regular basis can enable you to identify small problems with the structure before they become larger issues. It is a practice that not only can help you potentially save money as a result of damage to the system or goods that are stored but it can also prevent accidents from happening. Pallet rack inspections should always be conducted by racking experts who are trained to know exactly what to look for. However, that shouldnt prevent you from walking around the system to look for things that are amiss, such as rust, corrosion, cracks, and dents. If you ever feel that a portion of the pallet rack system needs to be repaired or replaced, the maintenance should always be performed by trained personnel to ensure the work is done properly.

Make Sure Plenty of Room for Forklifts to Operate

Facilities that utilize pallet racking systems will undoubtedly also use industrial forklifts to load and unload goods. These vehicles require ample room to operate safely, and it is extremely important that when formulating the pallet rack design that enough space is left for forklifts to maneuver. If the space is limited, even highly trained forklift operators could have trouble navigating safely around the system, and that can cause the lift trucks to come into contact with the pallet racking. A forklift coming into contact with pallet racking can compromise the structural stability of the overall system, forcing you to make costly repairs, and perhaps even footing a bill to replace a portion of the system entirely.

Continually Educate Your Employees on Safe Work Practices

Every employee should be properly trained on how to work safely in every area of the facility in which they will conduct business, as well as receive training on all equipment they may use during their day-to-day duties. It is important to remember, though, that safety training should be a continuous process. Setting up routine safety seminars is always a good idea, as is promoting to your employees that they should keep an eye out for and alert upper management of any unsafe work practices being performed.

About the Author: Charlie O’Brien is a professional writer specializing in the material handling industry. His writing focuses on new and

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