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Love Tarot Card Reading Tarot Cards And Their Interpretation}

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Submitted by: Jim Karter

The tarot readings originate in Europe since the fifteenth century. At those times they were called triumph cards and were used only for entertainment purposes and not for divination.

Tarot card reading has been practiced for over a hundred years now. The first reading of the cards is dated back to the fourteenth century.

The tarot cards have become one of the ways of future prediction. The usual pack of tarot cards contains 78 picture cards. This tarot card reading is done in specific patterns or spreads. Though each card has unique meanings, when read in different arrangements might differ slightly.

The pack of 78 cards is divided into two sets: Major Arcana, containing 22 cards numbered from 0 to 21 and Minor Arcana, which have 56 cards divided into 4 suits. These cards can be shuffled and spread in different ways; that is straight or reversed, which change the meanings.

Here are the tarot card meanings:Major Arcana:

The fool (0): This card represents youth, innocence and is also known as the novice,

The magician (1): This card represents skill, self control, action or taking charge.

The high priestess (2): This card stands for wisdom, intuition, mystery, secrets and firmness.

The empress (3): This card signifies fertility, motherhood, health, kindliness and wealth.

The emperor (4): This card represents will power, ambition, stability, fatherhood and patron.

The hierophant (5): This card refers to marriage, religion, mercy, higher self and good advice.

The lovers (6): This card is useful for the love tarot card reading as it represents love, beauty, overcoming obstacles and emotional success.

The chariot (7): This card represents a driving force, triumph, war and revenge.

Strength (8): This tarot card stands for fortitude, courage, self discipline, success and energy.

The hermit (9): This card stands for caution, treason, discretion and spiritual quest.

Wheel of fortune (10): As the name suggests, this card signifies fate, luck, destiny and a turn for the better.

Justice (11): This card represents truth, law, balance and contract.

The hanged man (12): This card shows wisdom is difficult times, self sacrifice, intuition and prophesies.

Death (13): This tarot card shows transformation, events going out of your control, new but difficult start, major change in life and also actual death.

Temperance (14): This card stands for management, spirit transcending matter, restraint and economy.

The devil (15): This card shows anger, violence, envy, greed, deceit and instinct.

The tower (16): This tarot card signifies catastrophe, ruin, adversity and calamity.

The star (17): This card represents hope, goals, guidance, enlightenment and bright future.

The moon (18): This card suggests illusion, nightmares, hidden fears and dark forces.

The sun (19): This card represents joy, freedom, rebirth, marriage and success,

The last judgment (20): This card represents major decision, final result and overcoming problems.

The world (21): This card is known for successful completion of a task, assured success, harmony and even long distance travel.

Minor Arcana

This set is divided into four suits:


These cover the intellectual activities and career.


These cards of cards are usually used for love tarot card reading as they include emotions, love, pleasure and sensitivity.


These cards represent struggle, illness and difficulties.


This set of cards signifies the material world, finance and property.

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Some Psyhcic Readers Use Astrology In Addition To Their Tools For A More Accurate Forecast.}

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Submitted by: Wilson Comley

Some Psyhcic readers use astrology in addition to their tools for a more accurate forecast.

Mars is located between Venus and Jupiter. It principles the pressure of will, actual physical energy, efforts, impulse, courage, driving drive in direction of a target, assertion, and 1’s sexual libido. Your willpower depends upon Mars’ zodiacal posture at your delivery. From January 24-April 14, 2012 Mars will probably be retrograde inside the signal of Virgo.

Mars turns retrograde each and every 26 months for seventy to 80 days. Its results end result in initiatives and strategies stalling or not establishing as anticipated. Items never go as fast as we would like. Our energy levels will be lower. Accidents and arguments from impulsive actions and unrecognized anger will flare. Sexual exercise is frequently unsatisfactory.

The textbooks point out that suppressed frustrations end result in a volcano-like eruption. People may well explode with frustration and make a decision poorly and respond with violence and anger as opposed to persistence and dialogue. Having said that, a single has to also consider that a retrograde can power 1 to go deeper within just and make floor breaking modifications in phrases of the dynamics of your planet and also the nature from the signal. Thus, all through this time frame a single will likely be re-evaluating their function strength. Mars in Virgo could be very strong with specifics, efficiency, group, and currently being well-being-conscious. For all those that have been putting away from exercising, this may perhaps very very well be considered a time wherever you may stage out within your consolation zone and begin dieting and exercising like in no way earlier than.

It truly is correct that Mars retrograde can end result in procrastination. Assertive patterns are far more introspective. Quite a few will encounter passive individuals that might lack drive. It is hugely encouraged to steer apart from starting a whole new business enterprise underneath a retrograde.

YouTube Preview Image

The beginning of the business enterprise all through a Mars Retrograde will outcome in regular troubles with acquiring action asserted at a high quality and productive pace. Irrespective of how very difficult you seek to push, very little will come about. Anything is in a sluggish point out.

Extra importantly, it is suggested to steer absent from major repairs. Since Mars governs destructions, deconstruction may well develop into far more understood right after Mars turns immediate. If an electric gadget breaks straight down with a Mars Retrograde, a restore employment won’t cure the fix. A repair job on the Mars retrograde might end result in acquiring another restore choose spot. However, soon after the retrograde has turned direct, the problem is usually more understood. Repair jobs consist of surgery. Prevent medical procedures below this timeframe if possible.

Even so, being born with a Mars retrograde is much unique than experiencing 1 during the cycle. A effectively-aspected Mars retrograde in an individual’s start chart can generate a lot of achievements. Considering that strength and initiative is internalized (retrograde), usually the personal is in opposition with himself. Quite a few athletes are born using a well-aspected Mars Retrograde. However, when Mars is aspected with challenging factors, persons may perhaps act hastily and often ought to retrace and redo his steps. Ironically, I’ve got noticed a lot of astrological charts of athletes using a retrograde Mars in Virgo. Becoming a group participant is crucial for athletes. Consequently, through this retrograde we could possibly be called upon to evaluate our own and others’ crew participant cooperation abilities at work.

There might be problems, arguments, disagreements at function above a person or with a person that may be overly critical. So for the duration of this time-frame it will probably be clever to decide and select your text and actions at give good results incredibly methodically.

One particular’s sexual generate in the course of a Mars retrograde can transform a whole lot. It continues to be stated that the level of satisfaction throughout a Mars retrograde may be difficult to fulfill. Within the sign of Virgo it may very well be overly vital, picky, and frugal.

A different element to understand with Virgo is dogs and cats. Through this routine, if a puppy wants to obtain a surgical process it’s strongly suggested if attainable to postpone it until finally after retrograde. For the duration of this time frame your house animals’ temperament could even be evaluated with admire to the above referenced Mars retrograde traits: overly aggressive or lethargic.

Finally the specifics of day time-to-time of day existing are also scrutinized beneath Virgo. So using time for you to cleanse up shelves, closets, cupboards, and drawers can be an fantastic approach to use this power. An enormous word of advice: be added efficient below that time-frame. Get Pleasure From!

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Duster Clothes}

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Duster Clothes


Fibre2fashion Author

With around 7000 looms and 13000 weavers operating here, Bijnore cluster is the prime nucleus for products like Duster cloths, Home furnishing, and Dress materials. The Bijnore handloom cluster is stretched across a length of 60 km and breadth of 40 km. About 20% of the total production is supplied to Delhi based exporters like Fab India, All India Handloom Board & other major exporters through middle-men. The rest is sold in the domestic market at Naogaon, Sadat, Nahtore, Sheohara, Dhampur and Kath etc. had an exclusive interview with Mr. Raman Shiv Kumar, CDP Officer of Bijnore Handloom Cluster, in which he threw light on Initiatives of Government by saying that, The IHCDP is being implemented in 20 handloom clusters across the country. This is a project of DCHL and started in the year 2006. Various implementing agencies have been appointed by DCHL for implementing this project. At the first instance an extensive baseline survey was conducted in all these clusters by the individual implementing agencies. This was followed by SWOT analysis based on which action plans are prepared for each cluster. The government has allocated rupees two crore for each cluster. The implementing agency gets the action plan approved by the APEX committee and the funds are sanctioned accordingly. This is a four year project and every year a fresh action plan is prepared and implemented. The important elements of the action plan are Marketing, Design development, and training, Technology up gradation, Infrastructure development and strengthening of association.”

Features of the cluster

The handloom industry provides direct and indirect employment opportunity to approx.15000 workers. Around 99% weavers of the region are Ansari Muslim. Earning per loom/household is approximate `1500 per month. The average weavers’ family size per household is 7 persons. Children between age group 12 to 15 are also working to help the family. Literacy among the weavers is 38%. Females also participate in operating the handlooms. The turnover of the cluster is approximately `16 crore.

YouTube Preview Image

Bijnore is well-known for mulmul and duster cloth. The mulmul was a very cheap quality product initially, and was being purchased in bulk by traders for making bandage cloth. With novelty in thoughts and attempts of the designer the same mulmul looms are now producing scarves in stripe designs. There is a good demand for these scarves since they are cheap and at the same time attractive.

Hand block printing has been introduced in the cluster as a value addition bustle. Already two training programs have been conducted till now which hopes to provide a good response in the cluster. People with a slightest of creativity and an inadequate investment can easily start commercial hand block printing. There is a very good demand for ladies dress material and bed spreads with hand block printing especially the ones printed with releasing techniques.

New Initiatives

Five wheel take up motion has been installed in 20 handlooms at Bijnor handloom cluster. By installing five wheel take up motion all the defects can be avoided and the time lost in the tedious and slow operations can be saved. It has provided better quality handloom fabric as well as an increased production by 25 to 30%. Shirting fabrics of 2/40s x 20s quality are normally produced in these types of looms. A weaver can produce 12 mtrs of fabric per day in a handloom without five wheel take up motion. Where as the same weaver can produce 15 to 16mtrs of fabric in the same loom with five wheels take up motion. Mr. Kumar states on the Intervention Scheme that,” The scheme has initiated the development of new designs and products by Designer, new market linkages, exposure to domestic and export markets, skill up gradation, enhancement of wages, good manufacturing practices and improvement in quality, etc.


Introduction of regular buyers of scarves and stoles who place bulk orders.

Introduction of Block printing so that people with little creativity and investment can easily help weavers to start hand blocks printing commercially. Training is also provided to them for that.

Bijnor is famous for mulmul and duster cloth. With a tinch of innovation and attempts on the part of weavers have helped mulmul looms to produce scarves in stripe designs. There is a good demand for these scarves since they are cheap and at the same time attractive.

Highly efficient and cost effective techniques used for production.

The SPV has purchased the land of worth `10, 00, 000/- for the CFC and dye house.


Duster Clothes

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